Revista de Arqueología Histórica Argentina y Latinoamericana


Historical archaeology's point of view about Argentine and Latin American past required the creation of a separate journal. In Argentina , despite the numerous investigations carried out in this area of knowledge, there were not 'peer review' journals up to about five years ago. Facing this situation, in 2007 we planned a new publication whose main goals were :

To concentrate recent Works of Latin American researchers and
become a regional example of the specialty.

Under these principles, the Revista de Arqueología Histórica Argentina y Latinoamericana (print ISSN 2344-9918 online ISSN 1851-3190) was created, an annual peer review journal, printed in association with the Argentine Society of Anthropology. Its general aim is to publish papers considered as original contributions to the field of historical archaeology, as well as specialties and related topics (history, historical anthropology, ethnohistory, etc.) . The articles take into account epistemic, theoretical and methodological aspects , as well as the presentation of results from cases researches in Latin America .

There was coincidence about the main purposes of such a journal : it was about creating an instrument which could extend along the time a publication written by Latin American social scientists beyond restricted academic circles . From this point of view, the journal was conceived as a means which would enable all audiences to become aware, through the expansion, of topics such as the appreciation of cultural heritage and identities of various social groups.

At present, the Journal has become an area of scientific communication according to the highest editorial standards. It counts on a renowned national and international academic committee, and the support of numerous academic centers and research institutions. Regarding the editorial process, every received articles are subject to an evaluation process, which includes a review from the Editorial Committee and a report made by two external jury who must have a distinguished career. The publication is indexed by Latindex (Folio No. 18899 ) and Anthropological Literature (Harvard University, Hollis Catalog No. 011 292 952 ) and DOAJ.

The journal is expected to change into a digital format and to be openly available. This goal is closely linked to the original purpose: to make known the published results to most people.

Revista de Arqueología Histórica Argentina y Latinoamericana
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